what really makes a product image unique


When running a business, you soon realize that your success sometimes hinges on the fact that even if you work hard, a competitor may beat you to the punch. Advertising is everywhere, and most people view it as general background noise. However, the products that stick out always have some things in common. 

Businesses and various companies may achieve this in various ways, but the principles are the same. It must be entirely unique, which is some stretch considering the hundreds of millions of products and items all around the world. Small businesses and entrepreneurs, however, have the ability to create their own optics. 

You’re not dealing with a large corporation that wants certain strings attached by projecting their own ideas of what your image should be. So here are a few basic things that should be your cornerstone goals when thinking of product image.


what really makes a product image unique


What Is It For?


Indeed the color scheme and how you use fonts, lettering,  even pictures will have an effect on the viewer. But, you have to ask yourself what are you trying to achieve with this narrative? What do you want to show potential customers first and foremost? It has to be your company brand and what you stand for. 

Something like a clear and crisp logo would be a great addition to any product and or service. Also don’t forget that if you can fit your slogan or tagline somewhere, you should at least give this a try. Many business owners don’t want to clutter products they sell with words, and rather let coloring and themes do the job for them. But words leave nothing to the imagination and cut straight to the point.


Eloquent Design


Next of course is the all-important shape; the actual physical design. Smooth and sexy lines are something that resonates with human beings. Maybe it’s the slender and shapely coordination of artistic endeavor with form and function coinciding, but the bottom line is anything can and should be made eloquent. 

Have a read of this beverage design ethos, and you can see some trending themes. Make it a talking point, something that friends and strangers can relate to and communicate about. It has to be distinct, which is the greatest but most vital challenge. If you can, go green by making a green environment-friendly product, so you conjure an image of responsibility; this would impact younger customers the most.


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what really makes a product image unique?


Don’t Do Too Much


Clutter is a big turn off. Modern art is something that is a hit and miss with many people, so why corner yourself? Yes, it’s great to utilize different colors, swirls, and patterns, but if you do too much to the aesthetics, you become much easier to melt into the background. It sounds counterintuitive because more seems like you’d stand out, but a bold design is better than something that is trying to be all things at once.

The most powerful thing a product image touches in the human psyche is uniqueness and something new. Don’t try to copy what others are doing, stick to your logos and slogans but achieve them in a balanced way.


My Final Thoughts


As outlined in this contributed article, choosing the most appropriate image will help your reader experience as well as convey the idea that you seek. Everything can be interpreted in many ways and your image should reduce the possibilities in that equation based on the:

  • design – abstract or true to life
  • color theme
  • usage of words, numbers, grammatical signs
  • environment – the seasons, biological ideas

It can get overwhelming sometimes when you struggle with finding an image to relate to your content/product without it being a distraction rather than a magnet. However, the only way to get beyond this point is with practice, great artists, insightful photographers, and honest opinions from people you trust!

It is achievable, just keep paying attention to the basics and it will all come together somehow.

Images courtesy of:

[1] Pxhere

[2] Webandi

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