construction sites and their challenges

construction sites and their challenges

Getting Around Construction Sites And Their Challenges Easily!

In this article on construction sites and their challenges, this can prove to be an expensive issue especially when they start growing in sizes. 

So, you run a construction business, undoubtedly you will find that you have to be effective when it comes to time management. As the cliche goes – time is money. 

Growth is always a great thing, however, you need to be just as efficient during the crossover. Read more to see what this contributed article has to say and see how the tips that are given can help your business when it comes to construction sites and their challenges.

You Can Remove The Curse Of The Large Construction Site

When you started in the construction industry, the majority of your jobs were likely small. You might have even settled for doing up one room. Anything to start the business ball rolling, right?

But, as things take off, you’ll be able to kiss goodbye to tiny jobs. Instead, you’ll find yourself doing up whole houses or even building them. And, each time your responsibility grows, so will your construction sites and their challenges appear.

construction scaffolding is one of the construction sites and their challenges


That’s a good thing and there’s no denying it, but it’s also worth noting that a larger site can bring some challenges. While it was easy to walk from one end of that room renovation to the other, the same can’t be said for large sites. In fact, some may take around fifteen minutes or more to walk in their entirety.

And, if you’re paying your workers by the hour, you can’t afford for them to waste time like that. What’s more, your clients won’t be happy if they don’t see any real progress. As such, it’s past time you thought about how to stop that wasted walking time.

Stick To Limited Work Zones

Even if you don’t think it’s necessary, larger sites like these can benefit from designated work zones. Split the project into sections and color code them. Then, make sure each member of staff knows to stick to their color zone.

Only give them tasks in that section, and make sure they have everything they need to get the job done. By making sure those sections are small enough, you can end wasted time altogether.

different sizes of cranes are also construction site cahallenges


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Take Repairs To The Scene 

Of course, you can give the workers in each section enough tools, but you can’t account for repairs. And, dragging a broken piece of equipment from one end of the site to the other could take a large chunk of everyone’s day. Hence, this is why it’s worth taking repairs to the scene rather than the other way around.

Hire a repair person who can spend the day hopping from one zone to another and carrying out small repairs. It’s also worth hiring or buying yourself some service trucks to keep on site. That way, you can even deal with repairs on significant equipment fast. And, you can’t underestimate how much time that could save. It may seem like an expense, but it’s sure to become an investment in the long run.

Invest In Buggies

golf buggy can be use on construction sites and their challenges when it comes to reducing time


For extensive sites, you may even want to invest in some buggies to help people get around. Even with those other steps in place, your staff are going to need to walk across the site to get to their zone for the day. And, they’ll need to leave again to go to the toilet or get some lunch.

Over the day, that could still mean a wasted hour. But, you can cut that in half or more by providing a basic buggy for each zone. They may look like something from a golf course, but they could be the secret to your business success.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pxsphere.

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6 thoughts to “Getting Around Construction Sites And Their Challenges Easily!

  • Annie Collyer

    Having done some construction work over the years, on renovations of homes to building new ones, I can say that managing the job well, and keeping workers in one area, not stepping on one another’s toes, is a crucial component. As is having everyone keep their area in order! BUT I have to say I am glad to have hung up my hard hat and tool belt and to be doing a blog now. Best business in the world! Your readers really should check it out!

    • Michelle

      Hello Annie,
      Thanks for your visit as always. Yes, it is so nice when an article can resonate with the reader. Yes, it is indeed all about organization and keeping things in its place. And yes, creating a blog is far easier than running a construction site. All the best to you, Annie.

  • Christina

    Construction zones sound very much like running a physical business at times. Spent a lot of time in management through the years and all your tips could easily be applied to many other business tasks as well. Delegating tasks, creating work zones, making tasks easier and keeping track of the work being done efficiently. Practical wise solutions. I can see how they can work in blogging and your own mind too!

    • Michelle

      Hello Christina,
      Thanks for your visit and your thoughts. Your comment made me smile as I had not quite thought of it in that way at all. However, yes, you do have a valid point. The guidelines could apply to just about anything in life – personal or business. All the best.

  • ariel

    Hello Michelle, this article feels like a metaphor for life, doesn’t it? When we are not organized the flow and structure and support is just not there. LIke not taking care of repairs, and just letting them get worse. In each thing we do, we need to commit to doing it well the first time.And that leads to safety, success and gratitude.
    Great job on this article.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Michelle

      Hello again, Ariel.
      Thanks as always for your visit. Oh my, such great and practical words of wisdom you have written. Yes, flow and structure will make all the difference in your life and in your jo space. The more organization, the less mishap. And the key is in taking care of the mishap when and if it happens before it becomes worst.
      All the best.


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