converting window shoppers into paying customers


Something that every business owner thinks about is how they can get people to purchase their products on a more consistent and regular basis. If you’ve ever seen those windows shoppers lined up outside and pointing at your products, then it probably gives you a glimmer of hope and warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that your window display is catching eyes. Sadly, that feeling is fleeting because most of the time, those window shoppers will just move on to the next store and do the same thing, instilling a brief moment of hope in the manager next door.

These moments can really make us feel depressed and ruin our dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but it’s important to stay strong because it’s just one of the many situations that we get into as business owners. It’s not easy to convert window shoppers into actual customers, but there are a few strategies you can use to hopefully draw more attention to the inside of your store and not just your window display.


converting window shoppers into paying customers


The Right Store


Window displays are usually made to look absolutely fantastic. Sadly, this often means that you’re putting your store in a dimmer light than your window display. After all, if the products on display look fantastic but the inside of your store is dull and boring, then how could you possibly draw customers in?

Make sure you look at store decor improvements and lighting design and solutions to help you make the inside of your store look just as attractive as the window display. Instead of focusing all of your budget and attention on the window, give your foot traffic a reason to come inside as well.


The Perfect Greeting


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Greeting your customers in is one of the best ways to actively engage with window shoppers. However, it’s a good idea not to be too creepy or pushy with the way you interact. For starters, make sure you greet them with a friendly “Welcome!” and don’t get too much in their face. When window shoppers are greeted as they enter your store, it’s a good sign that they’re interested in something you offer so ask them what they’re looking for. Be friendly, be sociable but don’t be obvious that you’re trying to sell them something for a profit. Make them feel as if you are a friend and advise them on what to buy, but don’t appear pushy and don’t talk down to them.


The Long Goodbye


If a customer walks out or walks away, let them go. Don’t ever attempt to bring them back in and don’t try to argue a point. Instead, make the goodbye as pleasant as possible. Help them remember you by giving them some information or by leaving your website and social media handles on the window display so they have an easier time remembering your business. Window shoppers have a high chance of coming back to your store or looking at reviews of your products online, so there’s a good chance they’ll come back if you help them make your name stick!

Starting a business online or offline is not for the faint of heart, but definitely for the adventurous. You have to be willing to make changes, do things differently, and doing so with the customer in the forefront, as this contributed article reminds us.

How do you run your business? Is your storefront or your online presence attractive enough to make people visit, step inside and come back again? Remember, the only way your business will survive is if your customer receives something of value to them. Give value and you will get profit in return.


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