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Do You Empower Your Employees On A Daily Basis? 5 Easy Ways To Empower Your Employees


Finding good employees is a task, keeping them is a talent. When it comes to retaining your staff, how do you empower your employees on a daily basis? Do they want to stay as a member of your team or are they looking for the next train stop so they can get off?

In this contributed article, you will see 5 easy ways to empower your employees on a daily basis that you can put in place almost immediately especially if you feel that your employees are restless. Read on.

Your business may be the result of your inspiration, perspiration, and tireless pursuit of perfection, but it’s your employees that have helped it grow from strength to strength. As hard as you’ve worked to bootstrap your business up from being an idea scrawled on your notepad to a working, thriving enterprise.

You have worked together to ensure that the ideals and values upon which you built your brand are embodied in their every customer interaction, their every outbound communication, and their every action on-site. Your employees are great, and you want to make sure that you retain them.

Talent flight is something that most entrepreneurs dread not only because it robs the business of talented, skilled, and amiable people who are a joy to be around, but because replacing them is a slow, costly, and disruptive affair.

how to empower your employees is like a chess game

One of the best ways to retain employees is to make them feel that they are empowered. That they’re not just worker drones, beavering away day in and day out to grow your personal wealth, but a network of passionate and engaged people working collaboratively for the good of all.

Moreover, you want them to be capable and autonomous so that you won’t be worrying about them should you need to travel for business or go on vacation. Here are some ways to make sure that they feel just that way…

Give Them The Technology They Need To Succeed

Whether you run a medical imaging software company or a pizza restaurant, your employees need tools that will help them succeed. Their productivity and the amount they can get done directly relate to their capacity to leverage the help of machines, software, and intelligence.

Just look at the impact that AI is having already in the medical sector. New systems can speed up diagnoses dramatically, letting doctors get more done and providing better outcomes for patients. The same is occurring in the real estate market, banking, and other sectors of the economy benefiting from the current technological boom.

Be Transparent

Honesty and transparency are integral to a mutually respectful and trusting relationship between a CEO and their employees. As tempting as it may be to withhold information and use it as a carrot to motivate them, this is rarely conducive to a feeling of empowerment.

Take Steps To Transfer Knowledge Effectively

Entrepreneurs disseminate information to their employees all the time, but they rarely think quite so much about how they disseminate knowledge. There’s a key difference. Both can be empowering.

New information can allow employees to work more effectively or avoid mistakes, but transferring knowledge allows them to operate more autonomously and with greater accountability. Consult the knowledge transfer checklist for professionals. It will enable you to find actionable ways of empowering your employees through the dissemination of knowledge.

Offer Help And Support Without Micromanaging

Nobody works at their best with their boss standing over them, coffee breath wafting over them as they frantically hammer away at their keyboards. On the other hand, of course, nobody likes feeling completely alone either.

Operate an open door policy and always be forthcoming when people ask for your help, but trust them to have the skills and knowledge to handle their daily operations with autonomy. Trust that they will rise to the challenges you set them.

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Ensure That Their Voice Is Heard

holding a microphone to the voice of your employee is a form of empowering

It’s vital that employees have a forum upon which to make their voice heard. Whether this is in the AOB section of your daily briefing, an open group on slack, a suggestions box in the office or simply an open invitation to swing by your office any time to discuss ideas.

If you provide this for them (no matter what form it takes), they will feel valued and imaginatively engaged. Who knows what wonderful, creative new ideas it could yield for your business?

Yes, the key is in knowing how do you empower your employees on a daily basis so that their work experience can be a rewarding one for themselves and your business. Do your best to find a way that works so that you retain and keep your employees happy!

So, when the question – do you empower your employees on a daily basis comes up – your answer will be a resounding YES!!

All the best.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Flickr.

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2 thoughts to “Do You Empower Your Employees On A Daily Basis?

  • Orion

    You are so right on the money with this post! Yes, empowering your employees, making them part of the growth and inspiration of the company can really make the difference between a successful business and one that suffers!
    Employee Retainment is a big issue in the corporate world and I know of someone who is actually a great trainer in this field – if I may, here is his link to one of his posts just about this subject:
    All the best – Orion

    • Michelle

      Hello Orion,
      Thanks for your visit. I am glad that the article resonates with you. Thanks for the coach suggestion article – I will take a look. Much success in your business.


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