How To Get The Word Out About Your Business!

How To Get The Word Out About Your Business!

It is a great idea to start your own business, whether it is online or offline, however, it is equally important to know how to get the word out about your business as well!

In this contributed article, you will find 5 valid points on how to make the difference and make a mark on the business world! Read on.

Get Found or Get Found Out: What Your Business Needs to do to Succeed Online

The online realm can’t be ignored by any business, even if you have a physical store and aren’t 100% reliant on online revenue. But how can you make the most of one’s online presence and make success more likely online?

That all starts with making sure that you have the basics right and that you make it possible for targeted customers to find your website easily in the first place. To learn all about that and more, read on now and put what you discover into practice.

Ensure The Website Is Fit For Its Purpose

First of all, you need to work on the quality of your website so that anyone looking for it will be able to use it as soon as the page loads. You don’t want people to be wondering where they should click to find the thing they’re looking for.

People have no patience when they’re browsing the web, so the website needs to be clear, accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Stay  On Top Of Vital SEO Matters

SEO is all about making it possible for the right people to find your business when they’re searching for things that are relevant to what you offer. Companies like those found at can help you with improving one’s approach to SEO if you don’t feel confident enough to do this alone.

There are plenty of different layers of SEO, and you need to stay on top of all of them to ensure pages keep ranking high on search engines.

SEO written in the sand the word out about your business


Advertise In A Targeted Way

Using paid adverts is definitely a good idea when you’re still trying to grow any business and bring more people into it. This is a specific way on how to get the word out about one’s business.

But you have to be careful about how you do this because using non-specific ads will probably not yield the kinds of results you’re looking for. 

Instead, you will simply find that the wrong kinds of people find your website. So make sure you use targeted ads like those offered by Facebook instead.

Make Social Media Your Direct Line To Customers

Social media is really important for you because when someone is thinking of using your company for the first time, they will usually check your social media presence first of all.

It really is amazing how this medium can function as a key way on how to get the word out about your business. They’ll want to see that you’re reliable and reputable.

And the great benefit of social media is the immediacy of any form of content. Whether it’s blogs or videos, you can create content that is beamed straight to your audience.

If you have been wondering how to create videos that make an impact or write posts that engage with your target market, there are plenty of resources out there to get you started, not to mention marketing agencies that can help you to understand your vision in conjunction with your target demographic.     

using social media to broadcast your business person holding social icons on a white board

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Grow One’s Email List And Engage

Email lists are as important as ever, and you should listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. It offers your business a way to speak to customers directly, while also linking to your site and encouraging purchases. Make sure you engage people with your newsletters and emails too.

It’s vital for the business owner to do everything possible to make it easy for people to find it and use it in a way that suits them. After all, they’re the people that matter, and if you can’t cater to their needs, they’ll simply head elsewhere and buy from one of the main competitors instead.

So, that being said, without a doubt, it is imperative that you find ways on how to get the word out about your business!

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6 thoughts to “How To Get The Word Out About Your Business!

  • Cristina

    Hello Michelle,
    Very interesting information and I found it very helpful. I would like to ask you something, from personal experience, paid advertising does really help?
    I think you are right about social media, and in my opinion, also, Facebook is the best platform to make your online business known. I think there you find people which are really interested in your niece, and also spread the news.
    Thanks for this very informative article and i will sure be back for more help with MY online thing:)
    Have a good day,

    • Michelle

      Hello Cristina,
      Thnx for stopping by. I am glad you found value in the information. I have not used paid ads personally, still waiting for my website to ‘rake in the big bucks’! Though for now, I am using FaceBook to get started. Everything takes time and patience, so it is a ‘seeding project’. Lemme know how it goes for you.

  • Chris Towers

    I think the social side of things plays a vital role here.

    Although all of them are important points that you make, it is so important to interact with your audience, and social media is the ideal platform for this.

    People like to know there is someone there to help and offer advice. They like to talk to someone and know they can fall back on you for advice.

    Being social is what it is all about.

    Great advice here



    • Michelle

      Hello there Chris,
      Yes, I totally agree with you – social media marketing is the new ‘black’ as they say! Yes, we still need to cate to the ‘human element’ in our business planning. Without people, there will be little or no business! All the best.

  • Thabo Nkomo

    Hi Michelle,
    Years ago when I was in grad school I had a communication professor who instilled in us that “clarity is the most important skill in writing, and without it all other skills are meaningless.” I think the same can be said about creating a website that people find useful. It needs to be clear where they can find what they need to find. Just like learning to be more clear in your writing, this a process that can take a while to master. However, it’s worth the effort. Thanks for sharing this informative and useful post.

    • Michelle

      Hello there Thabo,
      Thanks for visiting. I am glad that you found value in the article. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly – communication is key and a thorough understanding of that communication is even better! You want to be heard as well as understood! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. All the best.


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