social media marketing your business

5 Social Media Mistakes Your Business May Be Making

As ‘everyone and his wife’ knows by now, using social media in marketing your business is a ‘no-brainer’. However, another important aspect of getting in on the ‘free’ advertising media is to ensure that you are doing it correctly. Have a read of this contributed article’s interpretation of the social media frenzy and how to capitalize on its advantages.

social media marketing your business


In this internet age, many people are taking advantage of social media to boost their business. Whether it’s communicating with customers, or using the channels available as part of a digital marketing campaign, having a social media presence has played a large part in business success. As with most things, of course, mistakes can be made and mismanaging social media can negatively affect a business’s reputation. In this article, we will list some of those mistakes. If you run a business, it is important you take note of the following and make every effort to avoid them.

1. Not Using Social Media

Social media is the rage with most people, but there are those within the older generation who still haven’t got to grips with this rising phenomenon. If you still think hashtags are something you stick on your hand luggage and tweets are the sole responsibility of birds, you may need to educate yourself on the types social media available to aid your business.

2. Irregularly Using Social Media

You’re a busy person, we get it!

You may not have time to manage your social media channels on a daily basis. If this is the case, perhaps you could appoint an employee, or create a designated social media team to handle the communication and marketing aspects that will benefit your business. Alternatively, outsource to another agency. One example is Weave Asia-Design & Digital Marketing Agency, so have a look at what they can offer you. The use of social media should be an integral part of your business plan to make the time to work on it.

3. Mixing Business With Pleasure

You should have one social media account for every aspect of your life. Your customers don’t want to look at pictures of what you have had for lunch, for example, so make sure you separate these aspects of your life. You need to set up specific social media accounts for your business that have nothing to do with your personal life. Upset the balance and you will confuse and drive away followers on both sides of the divide.

4. Only Using Facebook

Facebook is the current granddaddy of social media, but there are over 60 social networking sites you could be making use of. You don’t need to use every platform, especially if you are targeting particular demographics, but it’s worth finding out what is available. By conducting a short survey of your customers, you can find out what platforms they are using. Then focus your energies on using those platforms as part of your communication and marketing strategies.

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5. You Are Never Off Social Media

Social media is addictive. Just look at the thousands of people with their phones glued to their hand 24/7 as evidence of this. While you should post something on your chosen platforms daily, you should also limit the time you spend looking at your social media.

For starters, you will never get any work done. Then remember the motto, ‘less is more.’ If you are bombarding your customers and followers with social media updates, chances are they will miss the important entries amongst the deluge. They will probably block you too if you spam them too much.



social media marketing your business

Your business can shine on social media, so heed the mistakes we have mentioned, and take steps to avoid them. #cleverbusiness.

Much success in your social sphere!

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