how to make your website appealing to visitors

As the old cliche goes – never miss an opportunity to make a good first impression!

It is important to ensure that your website is appealing enough to keep the reader attracted and then to stay and read what you have taken the time to write. It will be a life-changing 3-10 seconds of time that every website thrives or dies within!

Yes, it takes that ‘much’ or rather ‘little’ time so you need to make sure that your website meets the simple requirement of attraction! Give a quick read to what this contributed article’s highlighted points have to say.

Building a business is tough enough without having to constantly worry about the attraction of your website. You want to be concentrating on innovation and business partners, not website design! But it is worth spending a little time considering the needs of your customers when they’re using your website. What do they come to your website for? Are they finding it? Are they leaving your site satisfied or are they frustrated?

Many visitors to your website will quickly scan the landing page or home page. Within just a second or two, they’ve made up their mind about you. Yes, they’re quick to judge. You have just two seconds to capture their imagination, engage them in your content and make the right impression.


how to make your website appealing to visitors

What do customers see? Picture credit


Reach Out Only To Those That Might Be Interested In Your Site


You’ve got a much better chance at achieving all of the above if every visitor was actually interested in your industry or product. Be careful to target all your marketing campaigns to the right people. Your bounce rate won’t look good if you’re reaching out to the wrong people.

Make It Look Secure And Trustworthy


Use SSL certificates, awards, testimonials and professional copy on every page. This helps to quickly build trust in your business as well as your website. Nobody likes browsing a page that has an exclamation mark instead of a padlock next to the URL. It makes us nervous about our safety, and it really doesn’t look professional these days.


 Optimize Your Website


Let’s say a customer read an interesting article on your website. They talk about it over lunch with their friends, piquing their interest. How can their friend find that same article quickly and easily? If you’re clever with your keywords and your content optimization, chances are she’ll find that same article at the top of the search engine results. It’s always good to learn more about SEO so you can make sure every article becomes easier to find.

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Make The Content Stand Out And Engage Your Readers


The biggest part of SEO is the content. It’s got to engage readers. You might need to hire a copywriter to help you here. You should have an authoritative tone, and you should also provide plenty of high-quality links to support what you say. Make sure your quality is good, and other websites will soon be linking to your website too.


how to make your website appealing to visitors

Your content is part of your marketing strategy. Picture credit


All content should be easy to read. The articles should be correctly structured and laid out to be easy on the eye. Help your readers learn something new, entertain them, or simply answer their questions. Yes, this is something for free. But it is still part of your sales journey. You’re building trust and loyalty!


Choose A Professional Looking Design


Make sure the design is professional. Choose an appropriate theme if you’re using WordPress. Or ask a design agency to produce the right style template to suit your customer expectations. Every decision starts with research, so check out what your competitors are doing. This should help steer you in the right direction to make your website more appealing to visitors.

Much success and I hope your website (and mine) have great levels of attraction!

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