how to market your computer repair business on a budget

Simple Ways On How To Market Your Computer Repair Business On A Budget!

One very lucrative industry is that associated with computers. And then there is the repairs of the computers  – a gold mine for a business idea. One of the key requirements for your business growth is knowing how to market your computer repair business on a budget!

Here are some valuable tips and suggestions made by this contributed article about how you can maneuver this aspect of your computer repair business, or maybe for any growing business for that matter!

Growing Your Computer Repair Business on a Budget

How To Market Your Computer Repair Business On A Budget!


The computer repair business can be pretty lucrative, but because there are so many of us using computers and other devices so often, lots of people have had the same idea to enter the industry, and that has lead to somewhat of a saturated market where it’s difficult to see much growth.

The good news is, if you own your own computer repair business, it is possible to grow your business, and you can do so on a budget. Here are a few things you can do with that end goal in mind:

Develop A Partnership

Instead of thinking of all the other computer repair companies in your area as the competition, look at what they offer that you don’t and vice versa and consider proposing a partnership with them. In doing this, you will both have access to a larger client base and once combined you’ll be able to offer more services than either of you could separately – this could be quite the money spinner.

Go Mobile

If you aren’t offering mobile device repair services, you probably should be. By becoming a mobile computer repair company, you will not have to compete so hard for the computer market, and you can concentrate on repairing things that other companies don’t such as barcode scanners for businesses. It makes sense in a tough market to do something a little different like this if you want your company to grow.

Upsell Products

If you’re fixing a computer that’s been ravished by malware, then do your best to sell the customer some malware protection software as well as fixing their computer. This way, you can grow your business without having to offer more and more complex services or without paying over the odds for a marketing campaign.

computer security is important for a computer repair business on a budget


Sell Service Packages

Similarly, consider selling service packages that are prepaid by the customer and cover any and all problems that they may experience with their devices. This can work out very well because most customers will have few problems, so you will get an immediate cash boost without (possibly) having to do quite as much work as you expect.

Social Media

social media and your computer repair business on a budget

Launch a UK website today!


If you aren’t already using local social media to advertise your computer repair business, then you need to change that right now. People access social media via devices (obviously), so you already know that they’re in your target audience, and social media posting costs nothing. If you’re savvy, then, you can increase your customer base simply by presenting yourself as a local IT expert and occasionally mentioning your business (don’t spam).

Attend Local Events

Attending local events is another good way to meet potential customers, particularly if they’re business-focused events. Why? Because you’ll get to mingle with other business people, many of whom will be running quite a few computers, and if they know you, they’re much likely to choose you over the competition when those computers experience issues.

Growth isn’t inevitable, but it is possible, and it’s highly likely if you take one or more of these steps to growing your computer repair business today.

My Final Thoughts On How To Market Your Computer Repair Business On A Budget!

Like everything in life, we all want to experience growth – healthy growth. And when it comes to business, it is of paramount importance that that growth can be exponential in more ways than one.It will take work, time, and effort. However, the rewards can be far beyond your dreams as long as you do what it takes to market your business, even when you are on a budget!


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