Overhead Expenses And Your Business!

One very important topic that you as a business owner need to be aware of, is the subject of overhead expenses and your business! This can make or break your business – and in more ways that one – it can ‘eat away at your profit! This will surely not be the best thing nor the intended creation of your business in the first place.

In this contributed article, we will be looking at the various aspects of overhead expenses and your business – how you can reduce or eliminate them to increase the health of your business.

Stop Overheads From Taking Over

The finances of the business need to be run as effectively as the business itself. Money might not necessarily be the aim of every single business owner out there, but it is most certainly the lifeblood keeping the machine alive.

One of the most common issues that sink a business under financial stress is when overheads get out of control. These are your most common expenses, ever recurring, and so when they get too weighty it can be hard to find the magic wand to wave them away. But a few changes, little and large, can help you ensure they never get out of control.

a controller heating helps regulate your business expenses


Haggle With Your Suppliers

All businesses have suppliers. Some have wholesalers, service providers, hardware and stationery suppliers that they order from on a regular basis. Everyone has utility bills they have to pay, including internet, electricity, and water supplies. Let’s not forget about insurance, either.

The secret that many of these suppliers don’t want you to know is that every single one can be negotiated with for a better rate. If you have a long-term relationship with a supplier, feel free to let them know you’re not happy with the current deal.

If you find more competitive suppliers, you don’t need to necessarily switch to them. Rather, you can use them as an example and a bargaining chip to convince current suppliers to drop their prices a little more. This is one trump card that you can use when it comes to overhead expenses and your business!

Skim Your IT Costs

All businesses are starting to rely more on computers and software that help run things more efficiently. It’s easy to get a little trigger happy, however, and start implementing new IT solutions all throughout the business, sometimes when it’s unnecessary. Take a closer look at the software and hardware you have and sell the devices which you rarely use and stop subscriptions to sites where you can find cheaper or free alternatives.

When it comes to storage, instead of paying for costly hard drives and data centers, instead, think about using the Cloud. When you can, use online apps and tools. Not only do they tend to be more cost-effective, but they don’t need the paid expertise of an IT consultant to install on all your systems.

Forget The Phone Bill

overhead expenses and your business fixed phone bills

How does your business communicate?

Nowadays, more businesses are taking that simple need online as well. Besides a phone number, many of your partners and regular contacts may have online details that are much easier to use. Google Hangouts and Skype are both much cheaper than constantly using a phone line.

Even if some of your contacts don’t use it, you can at least use those tools to communicate effectively with members of the team in different locations, such as your remote workers or your salespeople.

Just be aware of the limitations of net communication where someone might not have a connection. You probably won’t be able to entirely scrap phone charges, but you can at least reduce them significantly.

recyling paper inhouse reduces your overhead expenses


Go Paperless

Tech comes again to save the day. This time, not only is it saving you money, but it can make things much easier to organize and reduce the clutter around the office. More and more businesses are following advice from pages like and making their business paperless.

This reduces costs in quite a wide variety of ways. You don’t have to buy as much paper, of course, but you also save on the cost of printers, ink, and toner which tend to eat the bigger portion of your budget. You save the space and cost of filing cabinets as well.

Again, you might not be able to go entirely paperless, as some businesses prefer to retain paper copies of their most important documents. But for invoices, accounting, and other mass paper generators, going paperless can save a lot of time, money, and effort.

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Try It Rather Than Buy It!

Printers and computers aren’t the only equipment used by most businesses. Power tools, vehicles, machinery, and heavy equipment are important resources to many businesses. Those tools you use most often, you should probably buy.

But when you need extra equipment to deal with high demand or a task that is outside your usual scope, think about hiring instead. Visit for an example of how equipment rental works. Not only do you get access to the same machinery for free, but you also save on the overheads that come with the equipment. With no long-term maintenance and repair costs, it can be much, much cheaper.

Outsource Instead Of Hire

The same approach can be taken to your staff, as well. You don’t necessarily have to start firing left, right, and center, but by being careful about who you hire and for what, you can skip out some entirely unnecessary costs. Outsourcing is becoming more common as more businesses set up to fulfill temporary needs within the business.

Go to to get some examples of tasks that might be better outsourced. If you have a smaller business starting to implement tech, for instance, then rather than hiring a full-time IT administrator who will spend most of their time doing nothing when everything is running fine, hire outsourced IT consultants instead. For purely temporary needs, like web design, outsourcing works, too.

outsourcing accounting helps save your overhead expenses


Run A Tight Ship

You’re never going to know how effective any of the changes above truly are until you have a more thorough understanding of where your business’s finances are. It shouldn’t have to be said, but many small business owners simply don’t put the thought of constructing a business budget.

You need to have a full account of not just your overheads, but one-time costs, income, and every single financial transaction the business carries out. A closer look at your budget will highlight potential issues and potential profit far sooner than you might otherwise spot it.

Your overheads really can run the business into the ground if you’re not careful. No matter how little or large, always consider your options when it comes time to agree to a recurring, long-term cost, being aware of your overhead expenses and your business.

My Final Thoughts About Overhead Expenses And Your Business!

Everyone knows that it is not easy running a business, but there is so much to be gained from doing it efficiently. Being aware of the impact that overhead expenses can have on the profit of your business should make you more attentive to the things that you can eliminate or possibly reduce.

You always have a choice when it comes to making your business decisions. I hope that knowing about these few yet important overhead expenses and your business will help you to make the best decision when it comes to your business health.

All the best.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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2 thoughts to “Overhead Expenses And Your Business!

  • GiuliaB

    Thank you ever so much for the many suggestions on how to keep expenses under control when you have your own business. Regarding peripherals and communication, I would like to add, Michelle, that if you start using Skype or other web based video calling systems, as well as if you start using cloud storage platforms (all free of charge as web based) you will also find that you won’t have to print as much as you would have in the past.
    And regarding staff, as you mention, there are so many virtual services available out there to choose from. You can hire a virtual assistant to work on a shorter or longer term contract, rather than a part time staff, which would cost you much more.
    All very good food for thought, Michelle, thank you ever so much 🙂

    • Michelle

      Hello Giulia,
      Thanks for your visit. More importantly, thanks for your suggestions. Yes, cloud storage and contract VA’s are definitely a great way to go when you are just starting ou, and maybe even as you become established. I appreciate the tips. All the best for your business.


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