Restaurant Efficiency Tips


make sure your restaurant is energy efficient by using these restaurant efficiency tips


Having any type of business – online or offline will inevitably mean some type of expense. As a restaurant owner, I am sure you can use some restaurant efficiency tips anytime! In this contributed article, you can see where the shortcomings of your restaurant business can be improved, especially when it concerns energy efficiency!

If you’re a small business owner with a restaurant to your name, you know you’re working in the quite literally cutthroat world of hospitality. And that means you need as many advantages and selling points to your name to make sure customers keep walking through your door.

Working in the service industry is one area where people can really carve out their own corner, but there are plenty of ways to make sure this happens. And one way that can really help is to make sure you’re as energy efficient as possible! Not only will it save you money on bills and waste, it also opens up a good portion of the market to you.

Here are some quick ways to make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible.

Check Your Faucets

dripping faucets mean less energy efficiency for your restaurant

The first thing to do is to hold a meeting with your employees when it comes to making a change. Make sure your staff understands the need for restrictions on water use in the kitchen, and suggest ways to get around this. You could think about investing in a dishwasher that uses less water per cycle, and you can keep an eye on any broken equipment that could be costing you a thousand drips per month!

A good way to monitor how much your water bill is going to be at the end of the month is to install a digital flow meter. This allows you to more or less accurately, depending on the model you’ve had fitted, measure the amount of water flowing in and out of your restaurant each day. Once you have the range, and thus the average amount of water you use each day, you can fit in a maximum quota for each day.

Check Your Lighting

efficient use of lighting fixtures for your restaurant

Whenever you have lighting throughout your restaurant, it’s going to be a huge drain on your finances at the end of the month. It’s also going to make the place blaring hot, which can be extremely uncomfortable, and it just isn’t a desirable situation for anyone!

So instead of letting your situation continue in this manner, you can install some energy efficient bulbs themselves (which can last a lot longer than traditional lighting or some LEDs which can be a lot more subtle for your atmospheric needs.

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Turn Off Your Equipment

turn off switches when not in use leads to more energy efficiency

Whenever it comes to shutting down at the end of the day, or during a slow period, make sure your pieces of equipment are turned off and not left on standby. When you have something left turned on in the back of the kitchen, you’re going to increase the temperature of the room to unbearable levels, and end up paying more to cope with an imaginary heat rush! Excess energy like this is something you don’t need to impact your business!

Your restaurant can be easily made energy efficient when you do a few quick checks. Change some bulbs and turn off some switches to make sure you’re saving as much money, and energy, as possible.

Using these restaurant efficiency tips can mean only one thing for your restaurant business – more savings in the till!



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