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Sometimes, we get so caught up in the online world that we forget that we also live in an offline world! 

Just like how there are numerous ways to market your online and offline business in the online world, there are also ways to promote your online business offline as well. Here is a contributed article that will shed some light and tips how we can combine both worlds to our advantage.


ways to promote your online business offline


Planning The Event That Will Put Your Business On The Map


The digital realm is a wonderful, wonderful place. The advent of digital technology has given the whole world unparalleled access to the ability, opportunity, and tools to take their future into their own hands. Every year hundreds of millions of people just like you start up their own businesses, either to supplement their income alongside their full-time job or to take their lives in a bold new direction.

Of course, there are various reasons why not all of them make it. Many business projects are abandoned, suspended until they have more capital behind them or they just plain fail. If, however, you want to ensure that your business remains in the 10% of online startups that don’t go under you’ll eventually need to step out of the digital world and make your mark in the real one.


ways to promote your online business offline


Holding events in real space rather than cyberspace is a tremendous boon to your PR and a proven organic SEO booster that will expand your network exponentially.

However extensive your online reach or how all-encompassing your digital marketing strategy, hosting an event in real space will draw new people to your digital presence, especially if you follow these tips which will help to put your business on the map.


Plan The Logistics… To The Minutest Detail


Nothing screams “amateur” like poor planning. To come across as a force to be reckoned with, you’ll need to ensure that your timings are precise and your logistical infrastructure put in place well ahead of time. If you’re going to be speaking (and why wouldn’t you), you’d better have a PA and microphones. If you suspect large numbers, you’d better have Verge Safety Barriers in place. Everything from presentation tools to catering arrangements must be planned with razor-sharp precision.

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Give Out Branded Materials



Everyone wants something for nothing and giving them this perk can be a great way to promote awareness of your brand. Here’s where branded materials can be your best friend. Putting your logo on mugs, baseball caps, fridge magnets, stickers and the like is a relatively inexpensive branding exercise that’s worth its weight in gold at events.

Use Guest Speakers


One of the easiest ways to build palpable interest in your event is to piggyback on the popularity and following of expert leaders in your field of business. These people are not only extremely knowledgeable characters but they also tend to have cultivated large and loyal followings who will be drawn to your brand and your business. They’ll likely be amenable to the idea so long as they’re well compensated and given the opportunity of exposure within your own following.


Invite Co-Branding Opportunities

ways to promote your online business offline

Your brand is a precious commodity, especially in the world of online enterprise where competition is so incredibly rife. Partnering your brand with another complementary brand for your event can also increase your brand’s potency immeasurably. Combining your image with that of another familiar and trusted brand will be likely to draw new audiences to your brand.

Whatever the nature of your business, the power of an event to boost awareness of your brand and provide you with a platform through which to share your ideas, insights, and passion cannot be overestimated.

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