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Why Knowledge Is Power In Business Today!

I am sure most of us are familiar with the phrase knowledge is power and surely can give various examples on this subject. However, in this article, we will be looking to see why knowledge is power in business and a few points to capitalize on the essence of this thought.

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Francis Bacon probably didn’t know how right his statement was all those years ago. Here now, in 2018, the saying has never been more correct. Without knowledge, there is no way to succeed in the industry. It is a simple fact that we have to grasp if we are going to survive and prosper.

To understand it in detail, it’s important to delve into the nitty-gritty of the subject matter. Saying it is true isn’t enough to change opinions, attitudes, and processes. You’ve got to see it at work to realize the exact power of information. To help, this post has put together four scenarios when there is no substitute for info and it will highlight the importance of knowing why knowledge is power in business today.

A Management Role

A promotion is a goal for the majority of workers. Staying still and plateauing isn’t an option, not if you want a better lifestyle with more money. The problem with becoming a manager is the transition. It’s a role that is foreign because there are few opportunities to lead people in life.

When you’re thrown in at the deep end, it can go wrong if you have no clue how to act. It’s for this simple reason that people enroll in leadership courses according to CIO. Otherwise, people will rebel and your success will soon turn into a nightmare.

Communication Situations

Whether you’re an employee, an employer, or somewhere in between, there is no understating the importance of communication skills. Being able to interact effectively is the cornerstone of a business. Otherwise, you can’t understand what people are telling you and it will reflect in the outcome.

Even worse, it’s a struggle to get your point of view across and you’ll become a lousy leader. Learning how to talk to individuals and groups is a way to ensure high levels of productivity. Plus, it encourages loyalty because workers think “that person knows what they are doing.”

a resume will show why knowledge is power in business


This is a term coined by professional pick-up artists which refers to the act of standing out from the crowd. In business as in love, standing out is essential because the market is saturated and competition is rife. Knowledge is often the deal breaker as employers want people who are qualified to the nines.

This is why Avado learning has a corner in the market. Professionals want to boost their career prospects and do it by enrolling in online courses. You may not have a flashy tail, but your CV will be pretty hard to miss.

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The Myers-Briggs theory states that people who are stupid don’t have the intelligence to realize it. This relates to business because people can be ignorant. It’s not that they’re trying to be; it’s more like they are power-mad and can’t let go. Managers have this problem and the company suffers as a result.

With the help of Myers-Briggs, you can prevent this problem from occurring. Outsourcing is a perfect example as it requires you to understand the need to hire third parties with better skills and more experience.

Do you believe Francis Bacon?

Can you see the importance why knowledge is power?

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2 thoughts to “Why Knowledge Is Power In Business Today!

  • Orion

    Nice article Michelle, I am not sure I understand what you meant in your video about “Peacocking”….would like to know more about that.
    As for Francis Bacon’s saying – I think he is right.
    What has a dead person in common with a stupid person? – They both make others suffer and they don’t know it!…kinda the same – no?
    Thanks for this inspirational article.

    • Michelle

      Hello Orion,
      Thanks for your visit and your thoughts. Peacocking is simply doing what you can to stand out from the rest. The analogy is that of a male peacock when he shows of his feathers when he is trying to impress a female – rather colorful, isn’t it? Yes, Francis Bacon doe shave a point!
      All the best.


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