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Workplace Safety Tips You Need to Know

In any work environment, it is always best to know safety tips to ensure the best business operating practices for all concerned. In this contributed article, we will just reinforce the importance of putting safety first!

While most of what happens in your workplace will be down to your employer, much of your personal safety is in your hands. If you have had an accident previously, it might be worth your time to get a consultation and talk about your options.

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Some jobs, of course, come with far more significant risk factors than others, like being a Firefighter, a Policeman and a worker working on tall buildings in the construction industry. However, for most of us, we either work from home or a 9-5 office type job.

Unsurprisingly you should be taking regular breaks. Many work-related injuries and in fact long-term illnesses are caused merely by lack of breaks during the working day.

As well as toilet breaks, you should stand up and stretch your legs if you are at a desk all day, or alternatively, if you are standing all day – take a seat for a few. Make sure you stay hydrated too.

set of hard hats which are safety tips for every construction worker

Use the equipment properly. It is all too easy to start misusing equipment when you have been at a job for a while. Taking shortcuts can cause injury to you and your work/teammates. It’s not worth the time saved if you end up losing wages long-term due to injury – one of the most basic and time-proven of safety tips.

As the saying goes – see something, say something. If you see something that could be a hazard, report it to your supervisor. The company that you work for is legally obliged to look into things that are reported, this will help you and your colleagues have a safe working space.

After all, had you seen a carpet lip that had peeled up, and your friend from work had fallen, you would never forgive yourself.

Don’t be tempted by a lunchtime beer. Although it might be tempting to have a quick one with your lunch, while out with workmates – avoid it.

You can never be sure that you won’t have new clients arriving, some vehicle or mechanical training that you weren’t aware of  – or even a family emergency and you need to drive. The risk is a little too high to take.

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Keep your stress in check. Stress leads to concentration issues, as well as potentially leading to depression. If you find you are taking work home with you all the time, or that you are struggling mentally. It’s time to take a step back.

If you have a supervisor or higher up person that you can speak to, then make the time to do so. Little mistakes can lead to significant issues, so be sure to keep a handle on your stress levels and see a doctor if you need to.

Safety equipment is not a fashion statement. While it might be tempting to swap out those steel-toe-capped boots for some trainers, don’t. Any of the following shouldn’t be substituted:

  • Earplugs
  • Helmets / hard hats
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Face Masks
  • Hi-Vis Jackets

Being aware of your surroundings as you work is vital. Knowing the potential hazards of your job, where any spillages have occurred or structural issues might be, even a slightly worn carpet can make a difference between life, injury, and death.

Keep yourself safe at work by following these safety tips and minimize injuries as much as you can in the workplace.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and UnSplash.

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2 thoughts to “Workplace Safety Tips You Need to Know!

  • Alan

    Hi Michelle, Safety is often overlooked as an important business consideration but can have a major impact on your business if there are problems. When an accident or incident happens there is usually time lost and disruption to efficiency, even of injury or loss of life is avoided. You are right that safety should be always on everyone´s agenda, Alan

    • Michelle

      Well said, Alan. It might seem ‘minor’, but ‘slipping up’ can lead to major issues in more ways than one. So happy that you found some useful information and better still, that you agree with the need for safety in the workplace. All the best.


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