your brand is your business

Your Brand Is Your Business!

As a business owner, you need to realize that your brand is your business – literally and figuratively! Your brand is your identifier for your business, in a manner of speaking. You need to make your business visible in every way possible and branding is just one way of doing this.

In this contributed article, there are some great tips to help you make sure that your brand is your business!

Branding Basics: Creating The Right Brand For Your Business

Branding is something you’ll hear a lot about when setting up a business, but what does it actually mean? Creating a brand is something that will tie your business together and give it an identity, but what does it actually take to build a brand?

your brand is your business


Learn how to build the right brand for your business by taking a look at these branding basics.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is important for your business. It will help you decide how you want your business to be perceived, how it looks and how it speaks to your intended audience. Building a brand strategy will set your path for the rest of your branding objectives, helping you prepare for the next steps such as choosing a logo and a tone of voice that will help unify your business and create a strong identity.

Logo And Other Visuals

A logo is important for your business – it will help put your stamp across all of your materials and help to keep things consistent. You can use your logo everywhere from business cards and email signatures to social media graphics – anywhere where you want your audiences to connect with what they see when they think of you. Working with a graphic designer can help you produce a great logo for your business, as well as work on any other visuals you might need.

Tone Of Voice

tone of voice displays your brand

The tone of voice refers to how your business is identified through the words and phrases it uses. If, for example, your business is related to children and young people, you’d have a different tone of voice in contrast to what you would use for academics or journalists. 

The phrase ‘it’s not what you say, but how you say it’, springs to mind here. 

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Think about the types of words you want to use and how you want to connect with your audience. Take a look at how similar businesses speak to their audiences – you can learn a lot about the different tones of voice used. One tip is to use language that is natural and that people will understand – don’t use overly complicated language that you wouldn’t use in a conversation with someone.

Keeping Things Consistent

Once you’ve established your brand, you need to keep it consistent. Creating brand guidelines advises employees about how to incorporate the brand into their work (what fonts they should use, colors, etc.). You can also make the most of tools such as document automation software to help keep all of your templates consistent and in an easy-to-access place. Review your branding regularly to make sure that it fits the purpose intended and that it stays fresh in line with current trends.

Creating the right brand is one of the struggles faced by small businesses, but you can overcome it by doing some research and putting a branding action plan in place. The right brand will get you noticed and help your business feel more authentic, so as you’re getting things off the ground make sure that you give your branding some thought.

Yes, you have to ensure that your brand is your business and that it sells!

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