How To Increase Your Customer Base!

As we all know customers are the lifeline of EVERY business and it pays to know how to increase your customer base! You need to know how to: entice, stimulate, and communicate with potential customers as well as the current ones.

Let’s look at the tips that this contributed article writes about.

Cater Your Business To The Customers


shopping surveys are ways to know your customer base


When running a business, the most important thing is the customers. They are the one thing that is guaranteed to drive your business forward, so you should never underestimate the power that they hold over you.

Of course, you have done all the hard work to get to where you are today, but if you had no customers to buy what you were selling – what good would any of it be?

This is why it’s vital that you look after the ones that you have and show them just how much you appreciate them so that they stick around. You should also remember that word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies because people believe their friends and family. So if just one person goes back to their peers talking about how amazing the service they received from you was, that could essentially bag you numerous new customers, and so on…

So how can you cater your business to all the customers you have and create the best service possible?

– Here’s how!

Give Them Goodies

What better way to entice people than by giving them goodies? The best thing about this is that it doesn’t need to make you miss out on earnings if you’re strategic in what you do.

For example, if you have some stock that isn’t selling very well, or you want to push it out so you can bring something new into the mix, then put those products up with a twenty percent discount on them. It’s a win-win situation because you will create buzz and have a lot of new customers coming in to take advantage of a great deal, and you also get rid of all the products you no longer want anymore.

A Stimulating Site

When creating the website for your business, it is so important that you keep your brand in mind as this will be the thing that keeps you standing out from the crowd, rather than just looking like any other business website online.

The Website Design needs to reflect you, while still providing all the essential information that your customers need. But most importantly – make it easy to understand. No one wants to be stuck on a messy site that only confuses them the more they read. So ensure you keep it simple and effective.

Communication Is Key

asking questions is another way to know your customer base

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As cliche as it sounds – communication really is the key. Customers will appreciate you taking the time out to engage with them on a level that isn’t just a ‘you buy, we sell’ attitude.

If they have an inquiry about something and you are responding via email, while it is important that you remain professional at all times, no one wants to feel as though they’re talking to a robot – it’s dull, boring, and cold.

So go the extra mile by not only ensuring that all of their needs are met but their wants too. And never forget to thank them for doing business with you, as they could’ve gone to your competitor, but they didn’t.

My Final Thoughts On How To Increase Your Customer Base!

You have to creative as well as innovative as nowadays, every business is a potential competitor – whether it is in your niche or not! The fact that they are doing something different and more interesting will indirectly and sometimes, directly take away some potential market for your business.

So, yes, you have to know how to increase your customer base using the means that work and do not appear too intrusive as well. You have to be tactful in any marketing strategy that you employ – after all, customers are people and we should never lose sight of that human factor.

As long as your business is providing value and providing a solution to the customer, I suspect that your business should do very well. All the best.

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4 thoughts to “How To Increase Your Customer Base!

  • Eric

    One thing I noticed was you didn’t suggest to entertain while you’re giving them value. I think it’s important to at least try to make things fun rather than just be all about business all the time. Make each customer feel like they are special and that you are talking directly to them. This will help them remember your name and business far easier than any boring competitor. Nice tips on increasing your customer base and I really like the goodies idea.

    • Michelle

      Hello, Eric, thnx for stopping by. Yes, great suggestion on the entertainment side of things. Yes, we all need to ‘take a load off’ sometimes. And yes, it will make your name/brand ‘stick’ more for future business because of the ‘fun’ factor. Thnx for sharing and all the best to you.

  • DianneBee

    Those are useful points Michelle! I often ask myself why I like a business or web site. I like to take note of what is appealing about it and see if I can spiffy up mine, in my own way. Sometimes small things can help one stand out from the crowd!

    • Michelle

      Hello Dianne,
      Thanks for visiting. Happy to know that the article provided value for you. Yes, you are so right, small changes can indeed make a difference at times. All the best.


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