50% of small businesses are home-based

Your Home-Based Business Expenses!

Running a home-based business, you will encounter home-based business expenses, even though you might be thinking – but it will be less expensive because I am working from home. After all, I am saving on commuting costs, office clothing, lunch costs, and electronic devices costs to name a few.

However, as pointed out in this contributed article, there will be home-based business expenses and some more necessary than you might think in order to get your business up and running efficiently.

The Extra Costs When You Work From Home

When you decide to work from home, as a new entrepreneur, it’s fair to say that your top priority will probably not be to invest in the latest office equipment.

For every new freelancer, the most important phase, when you decide to become your own boss, is to establish your business and your customer base. Only when you are confident that you have a recurring income, do you feel safe considering investments to improve your home office.

In reality, while it’s true that you don’t need to buy the latest tech and the most comfortable leather chair from Day One, there are essential purchases that you need to make from the start even though they might not be on your agenda yet.

Indeed, you need to protect your work and your ability to work before even considering promoting your business or building a website. Here are the three things independent entrepreneurs need to have before they can start selling their services or products.

home studio office can be one of the necessary home-based office expenses

Get a professional IT setup

No, A Laptop Isn’t Enough

You may not have yet a customer base or even an extended team, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the right setup for your business. Most independent business owners prefer a home-made approach when it comes to IT, as using an IT professional consultant often feels like an overkill strategy in a one-person business.

However, you need to give your professional activities a professional setup, and a secured cloud backup. Somehow, using your personal Gmail account and relying on G Drive to do business isn’t the best solution as an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter how small your business is. You need to contact an IT expert to provide you with a business solution.

Can You Afford To Stay In The Dark?

The weather is going mad all over the planet. Winter storms have immobilized hundreds of US businesses at the beginning of the year. In February and March, the snow hit the UK with the same dramatic result, causing power cuts over the country too.

Ultimately, the British officials calculated than power cuts could cost a business up to £800 a day, that’s over $1,100 per day in the US. Are you ready to lose a day of work to poor weather conditions? If not, you may want to buy this product as a priority. You need to keep your business going until the conditions are back to normal.

Launch a UK website today!

Visual Artists: Protect Your Work

If you work as a designer or an artist, you need to look at ways to protect your work. While your work is automatically copyrighted from the moment you create it; it doesn’t mean it’s safe. You should register each piece of work with the United States Copyright Office which can protect your unique style and limit risks of infringement.

Indeed, if someone reproduces some elements of your art without your permission, such as printing it out and selling it for profit, you are entitled to statutory damages and compensation for your attorney’s fees and litigation costs if your work was officially registered.

painting artwork and home-based business expenses

Is your art safe?

As an independent entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do, of course, is to overspend. However, there are home-based business expenses that need to be made now to save you a lot of troubles in future!

Images courtesy of Pixabay, Pxhere, and Wikimedia.

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