do you know reasons why your employees don't respect you

Reasons Why your Employees Don’t Respect You!

Working with a team of employees can be hard and this is especially the case when you don’t know how to assert your authority as a leader. There will be reasons why your employees don’t respect you, but not knowing them does not help you to find the solution.

You may also find it difficult to know if they respect you and to also know if there is anything that you can do to gain their respect. If you want to find out the reasons why your employees don’t respect you or if you want to do everything you can to get the best result out of your time in the workplace, then take a look below.

Letting Your Team Grow

If you don’t let your team grow then this will make it very hard for them to respect you. You have to make sure that you are not always micromanaging your employees in everything they do. This will only limit their creativity.

If you do this, you also won’t be giving them the chance to grow and you will also be hindering their own progress as well. Your employees will resent you for this and they will also find it very frustrating as well. If you want to avoid this risk then try not to micromanage all of your employees and let them progress at a pace that suits them. You’ll get more out of your business and they will ultimately have more respect for you.

reasons why your employees don't respect you


One of the easiest ways for you to get the respect that you are craving from your employees is to appreciate them and show them how much they mean to you. If you don’t give praise when it is due or if you don’t show your employees that you respect them then you will lose respect at an alarming rate. You need to work to create some form of work culture so that even when you are not at work or even when you are not around, they are still getting praise and they still know that they are doing a good job.

Paying On Time

If you don’t have any idea when your employees are going to be paid or if you don’t know if they have been paid yet or not, then this will cause your employees to lose a lot of respect for you. You will also lose respect if you don’t pay them the bonus that you promised as well, so in this instance, it really does help to invest in something like Payroll.Services so that they can monitor the whole thing for you while also giving you a clear idea about where you stand with your employee wages and the payments that you are making.

paying on time is one reason that employees will respect you for


You don’t have to be nice and coddle your employees in order for them to respect you, but if a conflict does come up then you will be measured by how you handle it. If you handle it quickly and efficiently then there is a high chance that your employees will see this and it will make it much easier for you to move forward with any future situations as well.

It will also cause much less friction in the workplace, so this is something that you should take note of because if this is one of the reasons why your employees don’t respect you – then it will easily show!

My Final Thoughts On Reasons Why Your Employees Don’t Respect You!

When it comes down to the wire, it is not so much about your employees as a group as it is your employees as individuals. People are all different and need to be treated as such! Too often we tend to compartmentalize each other and this can have a disastrous effect in more ways than one!

In this contributed article, the reflection is on:

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  • team growth
  • appreciation
  • salary
  • conflict

However, these points are by no means conclusive…there are others worth considering as well. In any event, as a business owner, you need to be aware of conceivable reasons why your employees don’t respect you and why it might not be reciprocal- and if it is, how you can find a solution and increase the morale of your business.

You need to remember that the human element is what makes a business – a business – not only when it comes to its profit line but also its human resources!

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