what is your business motivation?

What’s Holding Your Business Back From Success?


When you first come up with a business idea, it’s safe to say that you’re looking for success. Because nobody really embarks on a journey hoping that it’s not going to work out. But, trying to find the levels of success you want can often be a journey in itself. There’s no real guarantee that you’re going to do well with whatever idea it is that you have. Instead, you just have to work hard, do your research, and work on a business that is going to prove valuable to its customers. When you do that, you’re bound to benefit from success.

But what happens when you don’t? When you seem to be putting your all into your business, and you’re still not getting the results you want? Well, when this is the case, it’s safe to say that you’re going to want to consider all of the reasons why this may be happening.

Sometimes, it’s actually quite easy to see where you’re going wrong, but you just need an objective prompt so that you can see what’s right in front of your eyes. But sometimes, it can be much harder to understand. Either way, here are five different areas that could be holding you back.


Your Idea Itself


what is your business motivation


First of all, you really need to wonder if there is an issue with the business idea itself. Although this can often be fixed, you really need to understand where you’re going wrong with your approach.


You’re going to want to be honest with yourself at this stage because if you’ve not really done your research properly, this could be your issue. As much as you might like to hope that what you have done will cut it, you have to get your market research right if you want your business to succeed. And it’s never a step that you should look to skip. Because when you do your research, you can make sure that your business idea is going to meet your customers’ needs.


But at the same time, you really have to make sure that your business is relevant. Again, this all ties into your customers and what they want from your business. You’re going to need to make sure that every business decision you make is based on your research because it’s the only way to make sure that what you produce is relevant to what they need.


Then, you’re going to want to look at the quality of your idea itself. By this, we mean that you really need to analyze what you’re pulling together to make sure that it really is the best it can be. You want to make sure that you’re not letting yourself down, or failing your customers in the process.



The Product

what is your business motivation?


Then, you’re going to want to hone in on your product itself. More often than not, you can take your findings from the previous section to improve this area immensely.


Do you know what your product’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is? If not, then here’s your problem. Because every product needs to have a purpose – and it also needs to make sure that it’s useful or relevant to what customers want. If not, it’s not going to do well. So if you’re not really sure what your USP is, or you don’t think your product has one, then it back to the drawing board for you.

The Packaging

You’ve then also got your packing to consider too. And this is definitely something that can be an issue if it’s not appealing to your target market. So you’re going to want to make sure you create a kind of packaging that will sell your product. If yours doesn’t, you need to work with a specialist that can help, and you can see CLSmith.com today for ideas on that. With the right branding, design, and packing, you could improve your problem.

Your Pricing

Finally, you need to think about your pricing strategy too. Because now that you know a little more about your target market, this has to match up. If your pricing is too high or too low, it won’t appeal to your ideal customer. Instead, you need to make sure that you price just right so that your customers know what to expect when purchasing from you.



Your Service


what is your business motivation?


Sometimes, you could be completely on point with your product, but it’s your service that needs the work. So, if this is the case in your business, here’s what to do.

Response Time

Up first is the idea of the response time that you’re committing too. Because if your customers are trying to contact you and you’re waiting days or even weeks without responding to them, of even acknowledging their query, you’re going to have a problem. This means you need to think about responding faster. Sometimes, more communication channels can help, but you may also need staff to handle this. But if it keeps your customers happy, it will always be your best move.

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How do you usually react to feedback? It’s tempting to take things personally, or even to let them get to you. And while that’s only natural, it’s not beneficial to your business. Instead, you really need to be taking your customer feedback, whether it’s through queries or reviews and comments online and learn from it. Only then will you be able to improve your business.

Complaint Handling

From here, we also have the mother of all issues – complaints. Complaint handling is huge. And if you’re not able to work on it and nail it, this could be where your failing success lies. You need to learn to deal with your customer complaints exceptionally, as you can see on TheBalance.com here. It will take time, and it’s not always fun, but if you can turn an angry customer into a happy one, you’re likely to keep that customer for life.



Your Marketing


what is your business motivation


Another avenue to consider is your marketing. Sometimes, what you have won’t be working, or you may not be doing enough. So these solutions should help.


We’re going to kick off this section in the very same manner that we did the first one, all about your idea. And that’s by looking at your market. Because you really do need to ensure that you’re targeting your marketing efforts to the right people. If you’re not aiming your product at your audience, your marketing won’t be a success, and it will affect your business success rates overall.


At the same time, you really do need to be making sure that you have enough of a presence, and the right presence too, with your marketing. When you think about it, the amount of marketing that you need to do is a lot. But it will work if you can keep consistent with it. Not only does this mean that you have to establish a presence with your marketing strategy, but constantly work on nurturing it too.


If you find that you do tend to really struggle when it comes to your marketing efforts and getting the right results, you might just need to strip it all back to basics. And the bottom line of it will always be your analytics. Using your analytics to improve your marketing strategy, as you can see on Kissmetrics.com, is one of the best ways to get it right. Because you’re basing your actions and decisions on how your customers behave and respond to your brand, business, and marketing overall.



The Operations


what is your business motivation?


Finally, you’re also going to want to consider your operations and what part they have to play in this. Because sometimes, this is what’s really letting your business down.

People Management

As much as you may not realize it, sometimes, it’s all in the way that you’re managing your staff. Because people work for people, and if you’re not managing your staff well, you’re going to need to work on that. Becoming a better manager will be the best thing you can do for your business. Because you need to motivate your staff to be at their best. A business is only ever as good as its people.

Frontline Staff

Your frontline staff should be the very best. And not only does this mean sourcing and hiring the best people for your sales and customer service positions, but also keeping them well trained. Because nurture and growth is the best way to ensure that your customers will be kept happy and that your business can see success.


Finally, you’re then going to want to start looking outwards too. Because when you’ve nailed your internal issues, you may find that you actually have an issue with one of your suppliers. Are you working with the best businesses and teams for your business?

If not, you need to question those relationships. Choosing a supplier is hard work because they need to understand your business and your goals. When they do, you should both be on the same page, and this is always best for your business’s success.

I hope you found some useful information from this contributed article.

Images courtesy of Pixabay and Pexels.

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